parable of the honeybee

by Devan Wardrop-Saxton

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how easily we forget how far we've come and how much work is still to be done.

I'm donating 100% of any proceeds from this song to the International Rescue Committee ( and the work they're doing right now in Syria. pay a dollar, pay more than a dollar -- up to you. or don't buy this song at all, and instead donate directly to them and/or the other reputable organizations on the ground. whatever you do, do something -- it's a big big world out there, and we have to look out for each other.




here in the hive the wind comes sweet with spring
and the promise that summer soon will bloom
here in the orchard where we lie

and I turn my face into the sun
I soon forget that I was cold
forget that I once only knew sleep
and the dark

here in the hive we shuffle twos and threes
to the surface so that we might all take flight
here in the orchard where we lie

and I hardly look before I leap
I soon forget that I was bound
forget that I once only knew the earth
underneath my feet

here in the hive we lift our voices up
in the melodies that we've always sung
here in the orchard where we lie

and I let their voices fill my lungs
I soon forget I was afraid
forget that it was only in the quiet
that I felt safe

spring turns into summer
borne away on the breeze
and autumn is a gentle child
but winter comes fast at her heels

and when the orchard is covered in snow
don't forget the honeycomb
don't forget the hive
and all the bees doing what they must
to stay alive


released December 17, 2016
written & recorded by devan wardrop-saxton
track art image by




Devan Wardrop-Saxton Portland, Oregon


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